Here we are

That’s us. Three musketeers of Virtual Realisty development. We are dividing responsibilities and functions, ideas and work. Usually we are lazy bastards, so this is main reason that our games are done so slowly. Each of us has is other job, normal daily 8 hours of work prison like most of the people on Earth. Its is hard to have two jobs but we don’t give up. We fight mostly with our self to develop new games and projects.


Adam Wiktorowski

Modeler, 3D graphics

He fights with polygons and vertices. Creating 3D stuff is not easy if you have only 2D monitors. He is the man behind “crying girl” from MT Episode One. What he likes most in games is grinding. His in game nickname is Grabarz (The Undertaker).


    Grzegorz Switalski

    Programmer, Level Desginer

    Founder of The Andronauts. Grzegorz has been making games for over 25 years, but with little success until now and yes he is also a little old. He loves playing games as much as creating them, his favourite game genre is FPS and as well as creating routines, recursions and algorithms. He doesn’t like horrors so thats why he is making them, this way he knows how to create scary scenes. First Episode of Mental Torment resulted in a lot of real nightmares. His nickname on any games platform (e.g Steam) is Liberte.