Be warned, this is the scariest game yet for the Oculus Rift.
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What is The Mental Torment Series?

The Mental Torment Series is all about fear. Our games are focused on bringing players to the edge of endurance and fear. We are calling it Psychological Horror Experience but is far more than that. You are inside of it, you are part of it. This experience is for strong minded people who are willing to fight to the finish line. From Youtubers we’ve watched play our games so far we observed reactions like fear, panic laughs, and even crying. Many gamers stopped play-through after first minutes of play and the ones who made it to the end of the game looked happy and relieved they made it. Before you try our products, prepare yourself. If you have any psychological or heart conditions it is highly recommended you do not play this series.

it was a little too much to handle to be fun for me – I guess I need to be desensitised!
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Developing the reality

Mental Torment Series is created with attention to every detail. We are using best possible technology to bring photo realistic environment. This could be only achieved thanks to our favourite and the best gaming engine on the market: Unreal Engine 4 ™ with features like the physically-based material system. Further enhancements include things like the effective binaural sounds system which procedurally changes based on player position and environment. Virtual Reality completes the picture but our Redux section also allows the games to be played even without VR, you can now also expeirence Mental Torment through a PC Monitor (VR recommended). Overall on our games are using best possible methods to imitate reality and we will continue use this techonology to deliver the most immersive content we can.

All we have made

We have come a long way from 2013. We evolving with Virtual Reality. We did a lot of experimental projects, created some free content and some paid content. We have invested a lot of our time and money to be where we are now and it has been such an adventure. Like any development team we have made some mistakes but also accomplished some great achievements. Now Virual Reality market has started to settlle down and normalize, it is less chaotic and more customer friendly. We see an opportunity to bring our games to the masses and just about anyone who wants an intese horror experience, that’s why we have decided to go back and redesign, retexture and reinvent the horrors that you know and love. We are more experienced now. That’s why we are presenting our REDUX series. Our previously made games are being updated and upgraded and published once more. Yes, they all will be paid now however we have selected pricing to break even from the efforts and time we have put in. Below you can find more details about our projects.

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